Nefeli Apartments Stoupa

The region – Stoupa of Messinia

The region of Nefeli Apartments

Nefeli Apartments are located in a place of incomparable beauty, which is combined by the imposing view of Mount Taygetus and the crystalline, gushing waters of the sea of ​​Kalogria that cause unsurpassed awe to all visitors. In a radius of less than 700m there is everything you may need such as a large supermarket, pharmacy, café bar, taverns, beach bar etc.


The famous Stoupa, “the fairy of Messinia”, is one of the famous places of Messinia Mani. It is a beachfront village full of contrasts of crystal blue waters, green slopes and distant mountains. On the slope of the nearby mountain, there is Lefktro, an ancient city with an Akropolis (the highest part of the city). Leftktro is the place from where the first families that created Stoupa came. The initial name of Stoupa was “Potamos” which means “River”, because of the river that was traversing the area. Later the name changed to Stoupa because of the oakums (“stoupia” in Greek), that the locals used to soak in the sea so as to process them more easily.
Nowadays the village meets all kinds of needs. It is a perfect place for families, groups and even couples that want to enjoy the calm sea, the magnificent taverns that are located by the sea and the lovely sunsets of the Messini Bay.

Wider area & sights

Having Stoupa as a starting point, you can make excursions to the neighboring Kardamili which is only 6 km away and is famous for its beauty, as well as for its small streets that take the visitors back to the past. Also, only 4 km from Stoupa (towards Itilo), there is the picturesque village of Agios Nikolaos, which is famous for its little port and the traditional taverns.


Free diving – Fishing: The rocky parts of Kalogria and of Stoupa beach attract a lot of fishermen while at the same time the seabed’s wild beauty of the area is appropriate for undersea exploration.
Trekking: The famous mountain of Taigetos offers uncountable trekking paths of unique beauty, in which seasonal changes are recorded. Therefore the trekker has the opportunity to visit the mountain of Taigetos and the wider area all year round.


The two picturesque beaches, Kalogria and Stoupa, are very clean and have such beautiful crystal clear waters that are often compared to Paradise. This is where Kazantzakis met Zorbas; here they became good friends. Therefore, this is the place where the famous author was inspired for his masterpiece “Zorba the greek”.

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